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Reviews 2018-04-09T20:19:40+00:00

Hello Everyone at

It is with so much gratitude and enthusiasm i write this email to you most trailblazing service providers.  not only is everything that you offer in terms of product lightyears ahead of the rest but today just made my cup overflow…

I am incredibly impaired developmentally and in many ways an actual retard. After my experience with the customer support representitive on the website i just absolutely had to submit my accolades and gratitude for customer service that went above and beyond anything i could ever have imagined possible.

Marty is the name of this individual.  He was so patient and able to explain things to me with such kindness and understanding.  above all elce he showed me compassion and humanity in his responces and it moments like that that keep me going.  its random things like that that give me hope in such a hopeless reality.  it was simply his choice and for that you sealed the deal on my loyalty as a customer .  im purchasing the entire year in my next purchace and look forward to seeing how many more customers I will be able to guide in your direction.  all because of a tiny bit of kindness…   WOW.

Marty isn’t just providing customer support, its an experience.  this is what seperates you guys from others… humanity, im telling you that is the future and the key to the success of the buisnesses of tomorrow.  Marty is a leader and i hope he gets recognition.

all the best, thank you

-Soledad-Andrea Benjamin. -Greely Ontario Canada.



Stargate TV is the best streaming service right out of the “gate”! And here’s why: I cancelled my DirectTV Satellite service during the Summer of 2017. I had no issue with the quality of the service, it was just the monthly cost. I was in an AT & T store with my daughter who was buying a new mobile phone. There was a flyer about a new streaming version of DirectTV on the table. I asked the salesman about it and he told me that for as little as $35 per month I could watch up to 85 channels! I immediately made the switch that day to DirectTV Now. Why wouldn’t I? We were paying $139 each month for 100 channels. plus, their DVRs for three TVs. I was contacted a month or so later asking me if I would like to be a Beta tester for them and they would lower my monthly bill to $25. I jumped at the chance. So, then I had their “original” app on my Apple TV device and my iPhone and the Beta version. That was in September, 2017. The premise of the Beta testing is that they’re making improvements (mostly to the guide) and working on a DVR service for DirectTV Now.

Fast forward to early January, 2018. I discovered STARGATE TV. Having had experience with DIRECTV’s streaming service, I was able to compare the services and was amazed at the differences! First off, who wouldn’t notice the monthly price-$20 a month. That immediately caught my eye, along with the 500+ channels available to me. Included in that massive amount of programming options are all the HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz channels! Not to mention an MLB subscription, NFL, NBA & NHL Tickets… all included in one low price…$20. This, my friends is the biggest “no-brainer” in history! All you need is a better than average internet/wi-fi signal. And who doesn’t have that these days? If you don’t, get it! Sure, the “Johnny come lately” cable companies are suddenly offering their versions of streaming TV, but they simply can’t compete with the monthly price nor the number of channels and extra perks that Stargate TV offers. I invite you to try it yourself, you will love it I guarantee! What have you got to lose other than a big TV bill and a contract?

-Pat Matthews -Mission Viejo California.



Just wanted to say WOW,  talk about a pleasant surprise, easy set up, easy interface, inexpensive and I already owned a firestick so no new equipment needed.  StargateTV has exceeded my expectations in every way and its only going to get better!

-Joe Pisani -Tampa Florida.



Gotta say, we’ve been LOVING your new service Mark!! We’re not only cutting our satellite, but probably our Netflix too!!

-Dayna Dickens  -Nanton Alberta Canada.



We’ve been enjoying it all weekend! It’s better than anything we’ve subscribed to before – satellite or streaming!!!!

-Wes Gerber  -Stratford Ontario Canada.



-From our Staff:

Full disclosure, the service is not 100% perfect. There are many variables that can affect things such as your home internet service, poor WiFi, crowded WiFi channels, bad router hops between our servers and your ISP, sub par 3rd party viewing devices and many more, however the over all experience is well worth the 20 dollar a month value, and if you purchase our proprietary Setplex SP 110 boxes you are guaranteed to have the best possible experience.  We never suffer from any major outages, our support staff is phenomenal and available 24/7 via our website, and our VOD section is second to none with over 20 thousand titles and growing.  That’s more titles than Direct!!  There might be the odd hiccup here and there, which is generally resolved with a quick and simple channel up, and channel down on your remote control, and of course the electronic programming guide is designed mainly for USA And Canada so other foreign programming may show inaccurate info or say “NO TV PROGRAMS” when in fact there is actually content there. You can always cross reference those channels with numerous free online TV guides guides though to see what’s on.  Couple our service with a local HD antenna and you simply can’t lose, well you can lose all the expense of high cost cable TV anyway…

Compared to any other IPTV streaming services currently available out there, including DirectTVnow, Sling, Crave, Cox Contour, Hulu, and more,  none of them compare to the quality and quantity we offer at StargateTV. Some things are just that good to be true!